Drossos Receives Acacia's Highest Honor


No one stands taller

Acacia International awarded its highest individual honor to Christ Drossos, Jr. (#1117, ‘73) at the August, 2018 Conclave in New Orleans.

Christ is the 7th Indiana Acacian to receive the award. Both Washington State and Louisiana State chapters follow Indiana with three recipients.

Decades of service

And is anyone surprised?

Christ received the Order of Pythagoras in 1993, the Award of Merit in 1998. He has served as House Director, chapter advisor, alumni relations advisor, and de facto historian. He is the keeper of an ever-growing email list that keeps us scheduled for Homecoming, initiation, and Little 500, and that informs us of brothers’ life events.

Even better: Christ has been a steward for Indiana Acacia across five decades, without doubt the extraordinarily sustaining base of the triangle.

“We often have a tendency to mostly communicate with brothers who are contemporaries of ours,” said Patrick McGovern, Executive Director of Acacia International Fraternity (and Indiana Chapter #1886, ‘99). “Christ is one of those brothers that helps tie multiple generations together. He has close relationships with brothers from essentially every generation of Indiana Acacians.”

Those relationships included the award’s namesake, George F. Patterson, Jr., as well as Dave Allen, John Hoffner, and Darold Larson, four Acacia brothers who left distinguished marks on the fraternity.

“I guess it was a pure love of our fraternity,” Christ said of his ongoing service to Acacia. “It was the overall experience of being a member and then the opportunity I had to give back since I was so fortunate to be living here in Bloomington.”

The Mighty 26

Initiated as a member of the Mighty 26 pledge class in 1973, Christ has plenty of memories. Nite on the Niles, Little 500s, initiations, thousands of asps, and those return trips from the Region that led to the now-gone sign: Bloomington 1 mile.

“My fondest memory, though, is probably taking a step back in August 2016 to witness the labor of love by so many who came together to get our house ready for the re-founding fathers of the Indiana Chapter,” Christ remembers.

“Watching the letters placed back on the front of the building, the Crest unveiling, and hanging the pin light over the front door. It was a special time and the signaling of a new beginning for us. It was a proud moment.”

Deep commitment

For James Julovich (#1190, ‘77), host of the occasional Acacia Smoker in Bloomington, Christ’s devotion to the house and Chapter is simple: “Tradition, friendship, family, and brotherhood.

“I remember when Christ addressed us as an undergrad saying that he cried when he entered the house and will cry when he leaves the house. That was over 40 years ago, and Christ has stayed true to his word with that kind of deep commitment.” 


Christ is part of a legacy family at Indiana Acacia, too. His son Nicholas, who passed in 2016, was an honorary initiate in January 2018. Members of the active Chapter bestowed that honor as a sign of their own respect and connection to Christ.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am to be affiliated with George’s name and those who have received this honor in the past,” Christ said upon accepting the award in New Orleans.

“I thank you, and I promise you that I will continue to serve our fraternity as best I can.”

No one tops Indiana

George F. Patterson, Jr.:

  • Indiana Chapter - 7
  • Washington State - 3
  • Louisiana State - 3

Award of Merit:

  • Indiana Chapter - 29
  • Kansas State - 14
  • Nebraska - 12

Roy C. Clark:

  • Indiana Chapter - 7
  • Purdue - 6
  • Louisiana State - 6

Order of Pythagoras:

  • Indiana Chapter - 99
  • Other Chapters - No idea; let's say they don't top 99