About Indiana Acacia



Built on key values of Virtue, Knowledge, & Truth, members of Indiana Acacia are bound together in life-long relationships where brotherhood genuinely matters.

Some of that brotherhood is being there in support of each other. Having each other's back, so to speak. But it's much more, too. It's holding each other accountable. Pushing each other to rise above conformity. And challenging each other to develop the kind of deep-rooted character that will make us thoughtful, contributing members of the communities - local ones and global ones - in which we live.


We don't expect everyone to be honors students (although a bunch of our brothers are members across the IU honors groups). But we do demand everyone do their very best academically. What kind of brotherhood would it be if we tolerated any of us performing below our potential?

So we have academic scholarships. We reward good academic performance every semester with cash rewards. (It's not just all high GPAs; we reward brothers who bounce their GPAs higher, too.) We reimburse for tutors, maintain a quiet library space, provide study resources.

And we act. Like when we step into the room of a brother we know is struggling and ask him to come along with us to study. Or when a couple of us who actually liked M119 volunteer our time to tutor everyone else.

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So IU offers maybe thousands of ways to pick up some leadership skills. Or at least activities to throw onto the resume that hint at some leadership skills.

But how about organizing 120-140 young college men to help stage a Homecoming concert, pull off all the logistics, manage the 5-figure budget, behave responsibly, and adhere to Greek Life guidelines. And have a great time, too. Or how about learning how to represent the interests of your active brothers while participating as full voting members of the Chapter's housing board and alumni association.

Interested in finances? At Acacia, the Chapter treasurer budgets, allocates,  and tracks nearly $200,000 in income and expenses. Our brothers develop leadership skills through new member education programs, managing philanthropy activities, marketing to and recruiting new members, managing alumni relations.


With 2,700 alumni and 100 years of brotherhood, Indiana Acacia is rich with tradition that honors its past while always looking to the future.

Upcoming, our 2020: 100 Years of Brotherhood celebration.

Key Facts

  • Acacia National established 1904 at the University of Michigan.
  • Indiana Chapter of Acacia established May 22, 1920.
  • 165 active members (fall 2019)
  • 33 new members (fall 2019)
  • 2,700 alumni, the largest group of alumni of any Acacia Fraternity chapter.
  • First Chapter House at 702 E Third Street in 1938. Expansion of Chapter House in 1958.
  • Chapter House capacity: 72.
  • Malcolm Award for Overall Chapter Excellence: 1960, 1992, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2004.
  • Little 500 Championships: 1961, 1983, 1991.