Academic Support


Acacia Scholarships

For 2019-2020, Acacia brothers received $21,000 in scholarships from various local and International Acacia scholarship programs.

Rewards for Performance

Shooting for a high GPA? Great. We will also reward you for it. For SP2019 grades, the Indiana Chapter paid out $4,500 in cash stipends to brothers hitting GPAs above 3.45. Plus, more cash to those who boosted their GPA by 0.5 points or more.

Tutor Reimbursements

Great students know when to ask for help. If you need additional explanations to better understand M119 or A201 material, for example, get a tutor. The Indiana Chapter will reimburse you for the tutoring fees. In FA2019, we paid out nearly $4,000 in tutoring reimbursements.


Indiana Acacia brothers also have access to advising on demand. An undergraduate brother serves as Academic Chair to help steer his brothers to resources as needed. And who is there especially for new members during their pledge semester. The Chapter also has an Academic Advisor (an IU faculty member) who serves on the Chapter Advisory Board and meets with brothers for conversations about study strategies.