Juniors Dylan Horvitz (left) and Jack Maher

Brothers Horvitz and Maher start sports finance club at Kelley School of Business

“I was really looking for an opportunity to get more involved on campus and to interact with students and peers that I normally wouldn't interact with,” explained Horvitz, who serves as club president.

Vice president Maher added: “We thought it might be a cool idea to combine something we are passionate  about – we’re always talking sports – with something that we are studying in school, which for us is finance and accounting.”

Club members meet every two weeks for presentations, discussions about current topics in sports finance, and decision making about club activities.

IU clubs are completely under management of the student members, and these clubs frequently rise and fall right alongside the interest and commitment of student members. Forming or participating in a club genuinely enhances the four-year campus experience.

“It’s been one of the most unique experiences I’ve had so far at IU,” Horvitz said. “I’m actually learning a lot about how to communicate and, sort of, teach effectively to a large group of students. That’s different from just interacting with my brothers at Acacia.”

“Working on something I’m really passionate about doesn’t seem like work at all,” said Maher. The club has made me realize how nice that combination of work and passion is. I hope I can find a profession that allows me to bring together this same combination.